Changelog Plus, Pro, Premium

New features : Abonnementen Pro – Subscription fee increase, Mailerlite link for payment forms, General Limits Total Pro – Total number check, Volume Discount Codes, Discount Pro- Multiple use code, Calculator form – several arithmetic calculations & quote request, Query parameters Extra fields Pro – saving query params using hidden fields, Invoices {items_table} quantity articles ordered visible on invoice, Spinner element of the input type number value in IOS devices custom quantity input, MailChimp :Add MailChimp tags, MailChimp Multiple groups support add newsletter_groups
New features: Multi-Currency, Discounts Codes, My Profile/User’s page, MailPoet subscriber exist check
New features : Export invoices to be sorted for easy find, sending Custom Fields & telephone number to ActiveCampaign & MailChimp, sending Checkbox field to ActiveCampaign checkbox field functionality.
And improvements to Emails, Invoice, Recurring payments, Search engine.

= 4.4.2 – November 21, 2023 (A13HB) =
### All Paytium versions

* Spinner element of the input type number value in IOS devices
* Tested up to WordPress 6.4
* Tested up to PHP 8

* WP User role “role-slug”
* Check added if nonce field exist on ‘my profile’ page- PHP Warning: Undefined array key “paytium\_user\_profile_nonce
* Settings appearance settings “description“ attribute

### Plus, Pro, Premium

* Subscriptions Pro: Subscription fee increase
* MailerLite: MailerLite link for Payment forms
* General Limits Total Pro: Total number check
* Volume Discount Codes: Quantity/ Amount volume discount features
* Discount Pro Multiple Use Code: Multiple use discount code
* Calculator form: Several arithmetic calculations & quote request
* Invoices: {items_table} quantity articles ordered visible on invoice & Invoices : link to show invoices for non registered users
* Query parameters Extra fields Pro feature: Saving query params in Paytium form using hidden fields
* MailChimp: Add MailChimp tags link to form
* MailChimp: Multiple groups support add (newsletter_groups)

= 4.4.1 – March 27, 2023 =
### All Paytium versions

* FIX: PHP notice fix
* Tested up to WordPress 6.2

= 4.4.0 – January 24, 2023 =
### All Paytium versions

* Overall Plugin Security issues & Quality issues addressed, functions sanitized, validated, & escaped.
* Tested up to WordPress 6.1.1
### Plus, Pro, Premium
FIX: Active Campaign bug fix

= 4.3.7 – November 25, 2022 =
### All Paytium versions

* Tested up to WordPress 6.1.1
* Potential Security issues addressed
* Setup Wizard:connect-Mollie.php Live & Test API keys
* Invoices:Invoice.php download invoice button, update option, get invoice id, inline scripts
* My Profile:My-Profile.php error get payment id, invoice id
* Newsletters:apply_ filter ‘pt_after_email_field’ in newsletters

= 4.3.6 – September 19, 2022 =
### Plus,Pro, Premium
* Zapier code: with a webhook URL to apply second webhook URL to a certain form in payment form.
* Discount Codes: Applying discount code only to First payment of a Recurring Payment subscription.
* Discount Codes : Applying discount to all payments excluding First payment of a Recurring Payment subscription
* Discount Codes: Setting 1 discount code for a particular item in 1 form for different members to use.

### All Paytium Versions
* Extra Field : Add Paytium check to submit contact data with payment status when checkbox not checked
* Quantity Field input : Select quantity input to get value selected when minimum quantity is set for Mobile & Tablet
* Extra Field:Checkbox notice on non existing array indexes in debug log
* My Profile/User Profile: User created via user_data shortcode payment assigned to subscription.

= 4.3.5 – June 24, 2022 =
### All Paytium Versions
*Conflict with Mollie Libs – GF Mollie by Indigo plugin
*Maximum File size upload
*Validation by file type update WP MIME types
*Extra Field – non mandatory / default / no value – empty space instead of TAG

= 4.3.4 = April 21, 2022
### All versions
FIX – move optional parameters after required PHP8
### Plus,Pro, Premium
FIX – replace email tag with empty string if not filled

= 4.3.3 = March 8, 2022

### Plus, Pro, Premium versions

FIX – Conflict between combining Discount codes with Limits & Stocks
FIX – To add shortcodes processing into Invoice template -> to add a do_shortcode() option for shortcode processing to invoice template for retrieving extra additional external info of user data on invoice template

### All versions

FIX – Relevant optional extra data customs fields for detailed viewing in Payments & no Payments form when showing payment details.

= 4.3.2 February 2, 2022

Plus, Pro, Premium
* Updated CSV Files encoding for newer Microsoft Excel compatibility.

= 4.3.1 December 15th, 2021
# All Paytium versions

‘Submission without payment’ will not send an email when/if status is paid.

= 4.3.0 – November 21st, 2021 (A11HB) =
### Plus, Pro, Premium

* Multi-currency functionality- Paytium support 5 major multi-currency next to standard currency EURO
* Discounts Code functionality – new functionality to add discounts codes
* My Profile functionality – possible to create user page with user login -> ‘Show users payments’, “Show user’s subscriptions’, Show user’s invoices’ and ‘Show cancel subscription button’.
* MailPoet integration- functionality to check if subscriber already exists

### All Paytium versions
* Canceled /cancelled Status fix

= 4.1.5 October 19, 2021 =

* Fix bug where new version updates would keep showing even after installing latest version

= 4.1.4 October 12, 2021 =

### Plus,Pro,Premium
Payment export add seperately quantities column for fields multiple choice
* AC/MC custom post meta fields creation fix

### All Paytium versions
* Attribute minimum amount [paytium_total] field
* Conflict between Dynamic Content for Elementor Pro conditional fields plugin and Molliev2 library

= 4.1.3 June 29, 2021 =

### Plus, Pro, Premium

* Export Invoices possible to be sorted on #,name & description, to be easily found after exporting
* Sending Custom Fields & telephone number toActiveCampaign & MailChimp functionality
* Sending Paytium checkbox field to ActiveCampaign checkbox field functionality

### All Paytium versions

* Added support for Paypal Reference transactions (recurring payments) payment method
* Mollie payment forms & donations” has been translated into 1 locale fix
* Possible to place only one line in payment form, amount 0 not shown in no text field code
* Search engine function fix
* Subscription status email triggers are separated now from usual payment triggers status so either initial or renewal subscription wil not trigger ‘paid’ status emails. Emails now has to be set for first/ renewal payments separately with their own subscription statuses fix

= 4.1.2 May 26, 2021 =

### All Paytium versions

* Initial or renewal subscriptions payments will not trigger ‘paid’ status emails. Emails now has to
be set for first/renewal payments seperately with their own subscription statuses. Fix
* Paypal recurring payments in Mollie library

= 4.1.1 – April 11th, 2020 =

### Plus, Pro, Premium versions

* Emails: Only run emails.php code on the actual emails page
* Zapier: Don’t allow users to select “open” as payment status for Zapier, causes issues with PHP versions and is illogical
* Export: improved the data exported for more cases of amounts & quantities

### All Paytium versions

* IMPORTANT: Subscriptions: Update interval amounts to use slash / as separator, see https://www.paytium.nl/handleiding/recurring-payments/#bezoeker-zelf-interval-laten-kiezen
* Subscription interval amounts: disabled this, so users can also allow customers to select an own interval with custom amount
* Add -appearance: radio (webkit, moz, ms, o) to radio buttons for themes that remove it
* Messages after payment: Check that current page/post is not equal to source page/post, if it isn’t – don’t replace payment form with message after payment. This allows users to show a new form after a payment redirect.
* Label fields: add more options like step
* Improve validation for open amounts to accept more versions with and without decimals
* Memberships/Content: Fix issue where subscriptions weren’t checked properly
* Dropdowns: update “Select an amount” to “Select an option”
* Correct placeholder in First Name field
* Subscriptions: also allow creating subscriptions with mandates that are pending (for Belfius, ING Home’Pay and KBC)
* Add “width: 100%” for textarea’s too
* Switch jquery-ui.css UI CSS to be inline (don’t load from code.jquery.com)

= 4.1.0 – February 20th, 2020 =

### Plus, Pro, Premium versions

* Export: Only show conflict warning when there are no payment sources selected
* Export: update get_item_field_data to add support for exporting the quantity when a field has a quantity
* Export: add support for exporting the quantity when a field has a quantity
* Invoices: set default invoice number format to 0001 for new installs

### All Paytium versions

* Subscriptions first payment: If user set a First Payment Label, override the default translation with that
* Subscriptions: add option for customers to select if they want a recurring payment (yes/no) and update interval options to support “once”
* Subscriptions: add option to allow users to select the interval themselves with radio buttons
* Form design: small improvements to default form design; border-radius for form and button, improved colours
* Fields: add “class” option so you can set a custom class for form field groups
* Added new hook “paytium_after_paytium_user_data_processing” after users are created when a payment is paid
* Quantity with label fields: add option to show amount besides the quantity/number box (for order forms)

* Postcode field: remove default “1234 ABC” postcode
* Date field validation: parse the date entered by customers in a different way to also support leading zeroes
* Message after (subscription) payment: remove Mollie subscription ID as it’s not useful to communicate this to customers
* Terms & Conditions field: add label tags around text
* Label field: move some data (hidden fields) higher in the process so quantity without amounts also works
* Add custom validator for open amount fields with a minimum amount that supports comma’s and dots as decimal separator
* Dropdowns: also add first option text support to dropdowns without amounts
* Creating users after payment: convert user role to lowercase, because many users don’t use the lowercase slug, but the user role name, even though this is explained in the manual
* Add check that public.js is really loaded and otherwise add notification for admin with link to FAQ ‘JavaScript problemen’
* Better CSS formatting for quantity box
* Fix PHP error by checking array is not empty

= 4.0.2 – December 20th, 2019 =

### Plus, Pro, Premium versions

* MailChimp: Add an extra warning when users setup fields with MailChimp but didn’t enter an API key
* MailPoet: Fix issue where there was a blank page if email was already found in MailPoet 3
* Emails: Add email trigger for forms without a payment

### All Paytium versions

* Server side validation: store and check if a field is required and filled, before checking structure of entered data
* Add support for minlenght and validation to fields

= 4.0.1 – December 17th, 2019 =

### Plus, Pro, Premium versions

* Statistics: round amount in statistics.php overview to two decimals
* MailPoet: Fix the list of subscriber lists in the Marketing > MailPoet settings
* Fix ‘Developer Tools’ notice for duplicate id’s in [paytium_emails /] hidden fields

### All Paytium versions

* Terms checkbox: make it possible to set required to false, Terms are required by default
* After payment message: improve code flow so it better supports custom post types (like Events)
* Form validation: exclude fields for user-data from validation
* Setup Wizard: improve instructions in “Connect a Mollie account”

= 4.0.0 – December 10th, 2019 =

### Plus, Pro, Premium versions

* Invoices/Emails: fix for tag {description-without-id} which did contain an id if payment was a renewal
* Export: also correctly format amounts in Export file (comma’s instead of dots) by improving pt_float_amount_to_currency()
* Invoices: fix bug where settings where returned empty
* Zapier: make sure it’s also called for renewal payments and add log messages
* Make sure code for invoice settings & tags is only loaded on invoice settings page
* Emails, Invoices: fix bug where source-id wasn’t show correctly in tags list
* Emails, Invoices: improve layout of tags tables (with included payment items table)
* Subscriptions Pro: disable items metabox for now, needs to be redeveloped for items from subscriptions.php itself instead of importing from first payment

### All Paytium versions

* Implement basic amount validation after forms are submitted (if you are using custom javascript in your form to manipulate amounts, test this before updating!)
* Date validation: make sure a year contains a maximum of 4 characters
* Add server side validation for some fields (postcode, email, date)
* Add dedicated birthday field, allows selecting a date up to 85 years in the past in the datepicker
* Date field: add default placeholder and validation for correct format (DD-MM-YYY), allow dropdown for month and year in datepicker
* Add dedicated postcode field, with validation for Dutch postcodes
* Add cookie with payment key after payment that can be used later (for Paytium Content)
* Fields: add maxlength and placeholder support
* Add new shortcode that allows showing total number and amount of payments
* Crowdfunding: allow showing only the progress bar anywhere on the website, without a full Paytium form
* Crowdfunding: add option to not show decimals in amounts in progress bar
* Setup Wizard: add explanations for Paytium shortcodes with Block editor, Divi, Elementor and other page builders/editors

* Subscriptions: First Payment gets a new and improved implementation to fix multiple issues with displaying incorrect amounts
* Correct autocomplete value for email fields to email (was name)
* Update item limits “Only %s left” so it’s easier to translate
* Limits: also apply limits to max attribute for number/quantity option in fields
* Item limits: update when message “Only x left!” is shown to 10 left instead of 15
* Fix PHP error in Statistics and Item Limits
* Fix issues with “Administrator test-mode” where incorrect mode was used for cancelling subscriptions etc.
* Fix issue with dropdowns and user data (for user registration), where data in dropdowns wasn’t registered
* Redirect to Mollie with a GET redirect by forcing a 303 in wp_redirect(), to fix “The form times out, please try again”
* Fix two PHP errors by checking that variable is an array
* Move currency conversion for amounts to better location in code flow
* In public.js update_checkbox_field() make sure function only runs when object is an event
* Changes to handling of API keys, making it more logical and “Administrator test mode” more stable
* Paytium Content/Memberships: optimize usage of undocumented feature “period”
* Add a link to FAQ for warning “No suitable payment methods found”
* More flexible max setting for quantity (use items left or quantity max depending on situation)
* Remove duplicate email validation (now use only Parsley)

= 3.1.2 – October 1st, 2019 =

* Fix – Tested up to WordPress 5.3
* Fix – Paytium Block: update for WordPress 5.3, add new quantity example, further UI improvements
* Fix – Shortcode inserter (WordPress Classic editor): add new example with quantity option and minor improvements

* Fix – Make “View invoice” button open in new window
* Fix – Improve new invoice id getter/setter, don’t use get_option (might be cached) and add a sleep for concurrent webhook calls
* Fix – Improve invoice buttons (show invoice number in button)

* Fix – Also store user/author ID (of customer) with renewal payments
* Fix – Add extra warning message after payment for end-users when payment is paid but creating the subscription failed
* Fix – Update first payment date to be correct
* Fix – Add a note explaining that SEPA Direct Debit payments that were already pending before cancelling a subscription, can not be cancelled (also added to manual)
* Fix – Edit subscription: add a box for showing all subscription items
* Fix – When no “times” is set for subscriptions, show “Unlimited” in interface instead of nothing
* Fix – Improve format/design of link to Subscription in Edit > Payment > Subscription information
* Fix – Add first payment information to ‘Edit subscription’ view
* Fix – Change date format of subscription cancelled date
* Fix – Show both first payment date and start of renewal payment date in interface
* Fix – Update the error shown when a subscription’s first payment is not paid, so it’s clearer what happened
* Fix – Add first payment tax and label option for subscription shortcode

* Fix – Remove pt_float_amount_to_currency() from get_item_data(), it’s to early, causes issues later in the process
* Fix – Convert all amount tags to correct currency format automatically (invoices, emails)
* Fix – Add percentage symbol to percentage tags automatically (emails, invoices)
* Fix – Revert “Remove id attribute from individual radio fields (to get HTML validation)”

= 3.1.1 – September 6th, 2019 =

* Fix – Emails: fix issue where form specific emails weren’t sending
* Fix – Crowdfunding: add option “add_amount” to flexibly add a starting amount to a project

= 3.1.0 – September 5th, 2019 =

* Fix – Fix issue with Paytium Block by removing isEmptyObject (Gutenberg/Block editor)
* Fix – Update jQuery UI to only load on pages with Paytium shortcode, not all pages (improves performance)
* Fix – Improve chargeback notification message/notice
* Fix – Chargeback notification should only be shown in Paytium, not all WP admin pages

= 3.0.13 – July 8th, 2019 =

### Plus, Pro, Premium versions

* Fix – Subscriptions Pro: Add double-check to get all payments from the database and update the list in the subscription
* Fix – Subscriptions: Fix to make sure pt_get_subscription_id_by_mollie_subscription_id() only checks for pt_subscription and not payments
* Fix – Subscriptions Pro: Add column “Total revenue” for a subscription in overview
* Fix – Subscriptions: fix for Paytium 3.0.0-3.0.12, item information was not copied from first payments to renewal payments
* Fix – Subscriptions: make sure item information is also copied to renewal payments

* Fix – ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, MailPoet: improve check for sync statuses
* Fix – Invoices: Convert amount format for item amounts to €25,00 (for tags like _item-1-total-amount)

* Fix – Emails: allow emails with triggers ‘Paid’ and ‘Subscription first payment’ to send simultaneously
* Fix – Emails: add new trigger ‘Subscription first payment’

### All Paytium versions

* Fix – Remove id attribute from individual radio fields (to get HTML validation)
* Fix – Fix minor PHP warning for $paytium_item_limits
* Fix – Solve conflict with CiviCRM by only checking for Subscriptions menu when user is in admin
* Fix – Setup Wizard v4: encode username, countries updated, update text etc
* Fix – Correct multiple issues with display of renewal payments, caused by incorrect SQL query
* Fix – No longer get renewal payment information from first payment, as renewal payment contains it already
* Fix – Paytium Logger: Suppress PHP warning because I’m already checking if file can be opened
* Fix – Replace YouTube video after Setup Wizard with Vimeo video
* Fix – Setup Wizard: remove username and category for Mollie account
* Fix – Paytium Logger: Check file permissions before writing to log (fixes a PHP warning)
* Fix – Webhook: Add better HTTP response code function, add better log messages
* Fix – Webhook: Improve test for _is_admin_test with subscription webhooks to fix PHP warning
* Fix – Improve quantity box field by adding padding (issue in some themes)
* Fix – For payments without payment update amount from dash to 0 to fix “Non-numeric” PHP warnings
* Fix – Update “Only x left!” translation string to not include ()
* Fix – Fix PHP error “Invalid argument supplied for foreach()” in shortcodes.php line 2440
* Fix – Update currency in user entered amount input field (based on bootstrap) to work with more themes
* Fix – Update api.davdeb.com to davdeb.com/api
* Fix – Remove Mollie account create from plugin, no longer supported

= 3.0.12 – May 24th, 2019 =

### Plus, Pro, Premium versions

* Fix – Zapier: Fix PHP error by setting an array() default for paytium_statuses_webhook
* Fix – Exports: add description to Exports > Payment source
* Fix – Fix warning about non-object when updating Paytium

### All Paytium versions

* Fix – Add isset() check to fix PHP warning about $paytium_payment[‘subscription_id’]
* Fix – Set pt_payment_failed meta box to priority high so it’s more visible when something goes wrong
* Fix – Fix incorrect tax in views because amount was set to integer instead of float

= 3.0.11 – May 14th, 2019 =

* Fix – Don’t load jquery-ui.css on admin pages outside Paytium, fixes conflict with Divi
* Fix – Subscription webhook: improve order so processing with different statuses works better
* Fix – Remove “Open in new window” from links in Subscription details (target blank)
* Fix – Subscription details: make sure a subscription error and details can be shown at the same time
* Fix – Error where a space was required after opening PHP tag (subscription-details.php)
* Fix – Webhook: handle renewal payments with status refund differently (and add log message)
* Fix – Minor: update code comments and log messages

= 3.0.10 – May 10th, 2019 =

* Fix – Error with pt_get_first_payment_id being called to early by only calling it after admin_init

= 3.0.9 – May 6th, 2019 =

* New – Experimental: add “hidden” field type

* Fix – Don’t add invoice prefix or postfix to invoice ID two times
* Fix – Also show chosen field value in payment items
* Fix – Fix PHP error with “Only x left!” message, check that array key exists before calling the key
* Fix – Recognize some incorrect field types that users might enter and convert them to correct, examples: naam > name, voornaam > firstname, e-mail > email
* Fix – Improve “Unknown field type” warning: only show to admins, only show when defaulting to text field because field type is not known (in switch statement), better explain what’s wrong, keep showing field (don’t break)
* Fix – Convert field types to lowercase, with not spaces, and trim, in the hope that incorrect types entered by users are recognized by Paytium more often
* Fix – Fix JavaScript error by checking ptCheckboxItemId data exists before handling it
* Fix – Fix issues payment data not being shown by moving pt_get_first_payment_id to payment_functions.php
* Fix – Only show link to Subscriptions Pro Edit screen in Plus, Pro, Premium

= 3.0.8 – April 28th, 2019 =

* Fix – Rename ideal.svg icon to ideal-2019.svg in the hopes it will better bust the cache (and it’s not huge anymore)
* Fix – Issue in Internet Explorer 10, where dataset is not supported, now using getAttribute (JavaScript)
* Fix – User entered amounts where not formatted correctly (parseAmount)
* Fix – iDEAL icon/svg in menu size was uncommented in CSS, causing it to be too large
* Fix – Subscription details in some cases where not shown in Payment > Edit

= 3.0.7 – April 24th, 2019 =

* Invoices: Increase width of invoice items table
* Emails: Remove “open” status for emails, as it’s confusing for users. Every payment always has status open first.

= 3.0.6 – April 17th, 2019 =

### Plus, Pro, Premium versions

Most awesome new features: statistics, advanced subscriptions, memberships, crowdfunding, limits, field quantities, file uploads. And improvements to Emails, Invoices, Zapier integration.

* Statistics: Added a page with statistics about payments
* Subscriptions: Added a “Subscriptions” page, for easier management of subscriptions by Pro users
* Export: Allow selecting the “source” page/post of a payment during export
* Zapier: Add status for when webhook is called. This means one step less in your Zapp so you can use a free account more often :)
* Invoices: Allow a ‘pay via invoice’ option, so customers get invoice without payment when [paytium_no_payment invoice /] is added to a form
* MailChimp: Canceled payments would still add users to Mailchimp lists in some beta’s of 3.0
* Redirects: Allow redirects for forms without payments (and status) with [paytium_redirect page_id="224"]

* Emails: Add support for sending an email based on order status
* Emails: Add support for subscription renewal payments with status paid, canceled, failed
* Emails: New option “[paytium_emails none]” so no emails are sent when that’s included in a form
* Emails: Add automatic reply-to email address
* Emails: Attach filed (attachments) to emails (for sold digital products or your terms and conditions)
* Emails: Add “[TEST] ” to subject of emails when in test mode
* Emails: Emails: ajax toggle enabled/disabled


* CSV Export: To “Payment source” also add option “None”
* CSV Export: Add warnings that explain different export options
* CSV Export: Add date and time to CSV filename
* Subscriptions: Custom fields in emails and invoices
* Subscriptions: Sync renewal payment data with initial payment data
* Subscriptions: Add ‘source’ to renewal payments (in Export)
* Statistics: Show message if site is in test mode and payments reflect that
* Date picker: make sure date picker is included in Payments overview
* CSV Export and Invoices: Update the date formats so exports always work independent of format in WordPress
* Emails: Make sure subscription renewal payments are sent in more situations
* CSV Export: Add error message when there is a CSV column conflict
* CSV Export: Add date and time to CSV filename
* Export, Invoices: update the date formats so exports always work independent of format in WordPress
* Statistics: Multiple improvements, also in recent payments, make entire table row a link to payment
* Invoices: show correct tax amount for renewal payments
* Memberships and Subscriptions status: set status to completed when last renewal payment is received

### All Paytium versions

* New: Add Crowdfunding, including a bar with total donations amount
* New: Test forms in test mode without entering API Keys
* New: Administrator test mode (checkbox in settings) allows admins to test payments without other users experiencing this
* New: Add a date with the “until” option to a form and the form will automatically close after that date
* New: Set your own “From” email details in Paytium > Settings > Advanced, other plugins (WP Mail From II) no longer needed)
* New: Add date range to Payments overview
* New: Added a better field style for showing currency in the open amount (text) field
* New: Default message after payment will now be shown in the Paytium form/shortcode, and not replace the entire page content. Solves multiple issues with Page Builders. If you don’t want this, add ‘full_page_return_message’ to the starting shortcode of your Paytium form.
* New: Added new field quantity for adding simple amounts, for example [paytium_field type="label" label="Tickets B" amount="49.95" quantity="true" /]
* New: Sell memberships and only allow access to WordPress content when certain (payment) conditions are met
* New: Add date field type, with a little calender pop-up
* New: Store the page/post from where a payment started as “source”
* New: Add “file” field to allow uploads with [paytium_field type="file" /]
* New: Add item limits (basic inventory)
* New: Add optional minimum for open amounts with min="" attribute for fields
* New: Include more payment (meta) date in search, so it’s easier to find payments based on user information
* New: option to set user role when creating users after a payment

* Fix: Paid user registrations (user data), also add the role to existing account(s)
* Fix: Removed the nonce used in payment forms, nonce’s aren’t for frontend forms!
* Fix: Payment links, also support spaces in URL parameters (remove %20 etc)
* Fix: File field (for uploads): make sure the required option is respected
* Fix: Only show ‘Administrator test mode’ in Live mode
* Fix: For new quantity fields, set default to 0, not 1
* Fix: Optimize layout of open field with currency symbol
* Fix: Multiple PHP 5.3 warnings (come on, update to at least PHP 7, people!)
* Fix: If Subscription times is a space, set it to empty and process subscription anyway
* Fix: Make sure custom fields are not shown outside of the Paytium form. Should solve issues where users have an incorrect form syntax without knowing it.
* Fix: Check for unknown field types in the Paytium form, and show a message. Should prevent users from using “E-mail” instead of “email” as field type etc.
* Fix: Selected option not stored with first_option=”amount”
* Fix: Solve issues with Bold Page Builder
* Fix: Handle immediately failed payments, set the status to “failed” instead of keeping them “open”
* Fix: Add specific CSS classes for pt-form-group, so you can call individual form groups with CSS
* Fix: Implement nonce in Paytium forms for increased security
* Fix: Required checkbox in one form shows error in other forms

= 2.1.6 – February 21th, 2019 =

* Update ideal.svg (icon in menu) to have cache busting (so icon isn’t gigantic)

= 2.1.5 – January 20th, 2019 =

* Add ‘Paytium Code’ block for WordPress 5.x Block Editor (includes ideal.svg)
* Setup Wizard: Remove ‘I have a Mollie account’ form, add a short manual

= 2.1.4 – November 1st, 2018 =

* New: Add support for EPS, GiroPay
* New: Rename MisterCash to Bancontact
* New: In Payments search include meta data so it’s more powerful

* Fix: Setup Wizard: better explain what people can do when the wizard fails
* Fix: Add separate items table for payments admin view
* Fix: Don’t try to create a subscription if one is already active
* Fix: Language string updates
* Fix: Update API endpoint to https://api.mollie.com (advice by Mollie)
* Fix: Update minimum amount to 99 cent, so 1 euro is accepted
* Fix: Required checkbox shows error in other forms

= 2.1.3 – May 24th, 2018 =

* Fix: Show Paytium iDEAL icon in WP editor with inline CSS (reverted), causes display issues with Media Manager, Updraft Plus etc, replaced with javascript

= 2.1.2 – May 24th, 2018 =

* New: Add new shortcode with support for custom css classes, style definitions

* Fix: Default amounts in open fields (donations) weren’t registered correctly, causing “Invalid amount” error
* Fix: Remove unused $default and $required for checkbox and terms fields
* Fix: Remove hard-coded required for name, first name and last name fields
* Fix: Show Paytium iDEAL icon in WP editor in Pro versions too (move CSS inline, thank you HTML5!)
* Fix: Only show toolbar and ‘Pro versions’ link to users with capability ‘manage_options’

= 2.1.1 – May 8th, 2018 =

Fix: PHP 7.x fatal error “Cannot use “self” when no class scope is active”

= 2.1.0 – May 7th, 2018 =

### Plus, Pro, Premium versions

* FIX:
* In WordPress toolbar show icon for Payments on non-standard path’s and in pro versions
* Invoices/Exports: Not all payments/invoices where retrieved from database because of spelling mistake, ‘post_per_page’ instead of ‘posts_per_page’
* Invoices: also show custom field tags in Invoice settings (for template)
* Invoices: invoice export generated some random string output instead of actual zip with invoices

### All Paytium versions

* NEW:
* Option to process field data as [user information (for creating users and storing as user meta in WordPress)](https://www.paytium.nl/handleiding/na-betaling-gebruikers-aanmaken-wordpress/)
* Subscriptions: add support for [first payment](https://www.paytium.nl/handleiding/recurring-payments/#afwijkende-eerste-betaling) which is different than recurring payment amount
* Improved form validation and anti-spam: check that amount is not zero, JavaScript is enabled, and Paytium’s JavaScript file is included.
* Add ability for Paytium to also [sum up checkbox amounts](https://www.paytium.nl/handleiding/flexibele-bedragen/)
* Many usability improvements based on feedback by users, for example in Setup Wizard
* Add filter paytium_items_table_emails_invoices for items table (invoices/emails)
* Updated Mollie API PHP to 1.9.6 (for compatibility with Mollie Payments for WooCommerce)
* Information from custom fields no longer sent to Mollie by default, see [FAQ](https://www.paytium.nl/handleiding/veelgestelde-vragen/#extra-velden-als-metadata-meesturen-naar-mollie)
* Add link to [explanation of payment statuses](https://www.paytium.nl/handleiding/betalingen-beheren/#betekenis-van-statussen)
* Add ING Home’Pay and gift cards as payment methods
* Add filter [‘paytium_payment_description’ so developers can change the payment description](https://www.paytium.nl/handleiding/veelgestelde-vragen/#omschrijvingen-van-betalingen-aanpassen)
* Add link to [pro versions](https://www.paytium.nl/prijzen/) on Paytium website

* FIX:
* Subscriptions: multiple improvements to processing of subscriptions, making sure new subscriptions can’t be created by accident
* Fix Paytium > Payments view on small screen size
* Remove pt_is_localhost() check before shortcode generation because in some server configurations, the IP is actually set to even when the server is production
* Fixed issue where with open fields (user entered custom amount) the amount wasn’t stored correctly before payment
* Add a call to catch $_POST[‘pt-amount’] for processing payment functions for backwards compatibility of custom integrations
* Fix bug where field type checkbox only saves one option
* Make sure required checkboxes only get one “This field is required” error
* Add explicit explanation that voting on Paytium features subscribes user to newsletter
* Don’t create a Mollie customer when a form doesn’t include a payment [(Paytium No Payment)](https://www.paytium.nl/handleiding/formulier-zonder-betaling/)
* The register_activation_hook was implemented incorrectly and didn’t run, causing admin notices to not display
* Improve ‘Items Table’ layout in payment edit, invoices, emails
* Improve styling of dropdowns in forms to look the same as text input
* Label of fields with type firstname was not stored (by typo in ddata)
* Checkboxes: remove default checkbox for amounts, make sure terms option is also stored, only sum up amounts for amount checkboxes, not eg. terms
* Fix harmless warning in developer console for missing Parsley map file
* Add explanation to prefilled fields (name, firstname, lastname, email) for administrators
* Email field: fix validation when field not required and empty

= 2.0.6 – January 14th, 2018 =

### Plus, Pro, Premium versions

* FIX:
* Fix bug that made it look like a Paytium license was not activated in Plugins > Installed Plugins
* Invoice download and view buttons where shown too often (even when there was no invoice)

### All Paytium versions

* FIX:
* Make sure payment status is translated on return page
* Paytium Links: amounts with comma’s as separator not processed correctly
* If a form contains multiple required email fields with no input on submit, the “This value is required” message was shown multiple times under the first field
* Fixed issue where with open fields (user entered custom amount) the amount wasn’t stored correctly before payment
* Remove check for amount format in open amount fields (user entered amount) as it’s also done in form processing javascript and causes issues in some browsers (regex pattern)
* Updated examples in TinyMCE button to match new format, see https://www.paytium.nl/handleiding/flexibele-bedragen/

= 2.0.5 – December 7th, 2017 =

* Paytium can now count multiple amounts (bedragen optellen) in one form! Hooray! But this does mean that if you have an incorrect form, the total might be too high. I have a noticed a small group of users have this incorrect setup. Please check your forms after the update, and make sure your total amount is correct.
* When using Emails or Invoices with tags, check that the ID’s for tags are still correct (Paytium > Emails > Edit email or Paytium > Settings > Invoices), because these might have changed between 2.0 beta and 2.0.4 stable version.

### Plus, Pro, Premium versions

Beta users: this version also includes multiple bug fixes to Emails, Invoices, Exports and Redirects.

* NEW:
* Export: add CSV export functionality (only in Pro and Premium version)
* Invoices: add Invoice functionality, single invoice and batch export (only in Pro and Premium version)
* Redirects: add redirect after payment functionality
* MailPoet: add MailPoet integration (beta!)
* ActiveCampaign: add ActiveCampaign integration (beta!)
* Zapier: add Zapier integration (beta!)

* FIX:
* Switch to new packaging method, the basic version is now no longer required if you have a pro version installed.
* Emails: Add support for setting and sending specific emails on a per form basis
* Emails: Show email IDs in emails overview
* Emails: Add payment date as available tag in emails
* Emails: Fix bug where only first 10 emails where processed
* MailChimp: checkbox for MailChimp was shown to often (false positives)

### All Paytium versions

* NEW:
* Add new amount shortcodes so you can include multiple items (products/services/amounts) per form
* Add support for setting a tax percentage per item tag
* Add support for summing up (optellen) multiple items
* Add Payments link to WordPress sidebar

* FIX:
* Make sure extra fields of type textarea are not included in Mollie metadata (otherwise might hit Mollie metadata limit and show an error)
* Terms & Conditions checkbox: fix bug, link to T&C (with 404 error) shown even when not set
* Setup Wizard: individual website profiles can now be seen and selected (for users that already have active profiles)
* Setup Wizard: fix “Check again” button
* Fix bug when using first name and last name field and recurring payments (Mollie Customer not created)
* Update minimum capability for Payments overview to edit_posts so Editors can view them
* Saving selected labels in dropdowns & radio buttons
* Make sure CSS/icon for Paytium icon in editor is also shown in site

* UX:
* Subscriptions: show Mollie Customer ID in Subscriptions metabox
* Subscriptions: improvement to only create a subscription if first payment is not expired, cancelled or failed
* Subscriptions: fix “Cancel subscription” button and show more useful information to users (after Mollie changed their API, causing an error when button was used)
* Subscriptions: improve Mollie Subscriptions implementation by saving and showing more useful information to users
* Payments overview: improve style of status labels in Payments overview
* Update Parsley.js to 2.7.2 (fixes conflicts with plugins, at least Caldera Forms)

* DEV:
* Webhook: use GET/POST instead of REQUEST and sanitize input
* Remove unused libraries: pikaday, WPUpdatePhp, moment.js
* Subscriptions: only save subscription post meta fields if payment is actually a subscription
* Moved MailChimp API libraries to pro versions so basic version is lighter
* Updated Mollie API PHP client to 1.9.1

= 1.0.1 – May 27th, 2017 =

* NEW:
* MailChimp: add option to automatically hide (and check) newsletter opt-in box
* MailChimp: add support for separate first name and last name (FNAME, LNAME) to be sent to MailChimp
* MailChimp: automatically log MailChimp API errors to database so we can check them later

* FIX:
* MailChimp: incorrect group ID’s where used in some cases
* MailChimp: better handling of default lists and groups, so users make less mistakes using the MailChimp integration
* MailChimp: made processing of emails a lot more efficient
* Emails: make sure -system- tags are not shown in examples of tags that can be used in emails

= 1.0.0 – March 18th, 2017 =

* NEW: Update plugin main file to better check for other installed versions of Paytium
* FIX: Emails, added automatic paragraphs to mail message content with wpautop()
* FIX: Emails, change the process for updating payments from the WP admin, to allow for new hook paytium_after_update_payment_from_admin, fixing bug where emails with trigger “paid” where sent to early because of hook in set_status function
* FIX: MailChimp, renamed ‘pt_paytium_mailchimp_all_lists_groups_callback’ callback so WordPress actually finds it
* FIX: Emails, make sure {pt_emails_last_status} is not shown as tag

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